DG Mare/EU-funded MSP cross border project SIMWESTMED (2017-2018) brings together a number of partners - research organisations, marine planning authorities and marine management bodies in order to address actions to
  • support the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive implementation in Spain, France, Italy and Malta's marine waters
  • Launch and carry out concrete cross-border MSP cooperation

SIMWESTMED / SUPREME final conference

Venice - 12-13 December

Draft Programme available. Participation is free of charge, but the registration is required (link).

The SUPREME and SIMWESTMED final Conference will take place the 12th and 13th of December 2018 in Venice, at the Scuola Grande di S.Giovanni Evangelista (12/12/18) and Aula Magna IUAV Tolentini (13/12/18).

The two EU projects, co-founded by DG MARE, focus on two key objectives: to support the implementation of Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) processes in EU Members States of the Mediterranean Sea and to launch a cross-border cooperation in MSP initiatives.

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4 Case Studies

SIMWESTMED explored MSP issues in four areas: the Var, the Gulf of Lion, the Tyrrhenian site and the Strait of Sicily. Besides the reports that will be available on the website soon, a good overview of the different case studies will be given in the Signposting document. Furthermore, a poster session invites the attendees of the upcoming Final conference to discuss the studies directly with the authors.

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Available Initial Assessment MSP oriented – Western Mediterranean

Thanks to the collaboration of all the Partners and Member States involved in the SIMWESTMED Project, the Report related to the sub-task C.1.1.1, “Develop a basin-scale analysis/initial assessment strongly MSP orientated”, is completed.

The Report established by CORILA, collects and describes all the relevant information related to the project marine area, Western Mediterranean, about the main aspects that have to be considered in the MSP context. Starting from the national jurisdictions and the state of the implementation of MSP processes at country level, the Report describes the main aspects in terms of physical characteristics of the area and the marine environment by considering the representative habitats and species of the West Med.

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Data and Information requirements for MSP

The data portal demonstrator

The “data and information requirements for MSP” component is a technical study aiming to support access to and use of maritime spatial data in France, Italy, Malta and Spain. It focuses on data exchanges aspects using Maritime Spatial Data Infrastructure and INSPIRE protocols (interoperability of data, metadata, data portals and availability of Web Services).

A data portal demonstrator has been set up for the use of the project to share transboundary MSP knowledge available in Web Services and to explore interoperability gaps and solutions.

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Signposting document – a brochure introducing the different deliverables to be published soon

As Maritime Spatial Planning is a highly complex field, the often many outputs of MSP projects can be overwhelming. The SIMWESTMED partners are therefore currently working on brochure introducing the work of the project: the signposting document will be a useful place to start for those unfamiliar with SIMWESTMED as it provides a good general overview of the project and its various deliverables and helps to identify the components the reader might find the most useful.

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