DG Mare/EU-funded MSP cross border project SIMWESTMED (2017-2018) brings together a number of partners - research organisations, marine planning authorities and marine management bodies in order to address actions to
  • support the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive implementation in Spain, France, Italie and Malta's marine waters
  • Launch and carry out concrete cross-border MSP cooperation

Project Group and Steering Committee meetings #3 Palma de Mallorca

04-06 June 2018. The first week in June was a busy week in Palma de Mallorca. The Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) hosted the 3rd meetings of the SIMWESTMED Partners and Steering Committee Members. The Partners’ work plans were shared, and steps forward identified for the Final Conference that will be held in Venice in December 2018, during which the results of the …
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Initial Assessment MSP oriented Western Mediterranean

Thanks to the collaboration of all the Member States involved in the SIMWESTMED Project, the Report related to the sub-task C.1.1.1, “Develop a basin-scale analysis/initial assessment strongly MSP orientated”, was finalised and last feedback from all project partners is expected. The Report established by CORILA, collects and describes all the relevant information related to the project marine area, Western Mediterranean, about the main …Read more

Stakeholders events led by PAP/RAC in SIMWESTMED

Starting from a Regional meeting in Hyères, October 5th 2017, first output of the Var Case Study led by UN Environment/MAP and PAP/RAC, this SIMWESTMED Partner is developping the Stakeholders engagement related to MSP, building in particular on its Coastal Area Management Programme (CAMP) projects experiences, and on the Common Regional Framework on ICZM for the Mediterranean in the framework …Read more

Cases studies involving Italy on going: MSP oriented assessments are presented to stakeholders

Two SIMWESTMED Case Studies involve Italy: the Tyrrhenian sites (Tuscany and Sardinia) and the Strait of Sicily, also involving Malta. The Italian Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport (MIT), the Ministry for the Environment,Territory and sea, MATTM , and the CORILA are testing methodologies for Maritime Spatial Planning Directive implementation in Case Study areas. This include the organisation of dedicated Stakeholders …Read more

Interactions between uses and between uses and environment: joint SIMWESTMED/SIMNORAT work

A workshop dedicated to the topic “Interactions” (both interaction between uses and between uses and environment) was held over two days (15-16 February 2018) in Marseille, France. Organised by the French Biodiversity Agency, this workshop was the opportunity for all partners of the SIMNORAT and SIMWESTMED projects to exchange and build on their actions on this topic related to MSP …Read more

Data and information requirements for MSP

The data for MSP activity (C1.3.3) aims to explore the technical needs and gaps in spatial data for sharing MSP data across the boundaries. This study investigates in particular data sharing based on INSPIRE Directive protocols in Spain, France, Italy and Malta.The work is led by the French hydrographic office, Shom, and is supported by a Task Group on Data, bringing …
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