C1.1.1 Develop a basin scale analysis/initial assessment strongly MSP oriented

Without repeating previous work, this sub-component entails a rapid collation of information across the marine waters of Member States of the Western Mediterranean. The action provides an initial overview of the area’s characteristics including, for example: marine environment; maritime activities; key sectorial and socio-economic trends and emerging pressures, legal issues, governance framework. The assessment uses existing information gathered in the framework of Barcelona convention, MSFD, CFP, WFD, HBD, PELAGOS, EU projects among which ADRIPLAN, MEDTRENDS and others.

This action is mainly based on desk-based reviews and aims at building a shared synthetic view on the Western Mediterranean region, identifying key issues (main activities and priority conservation issues) and main data gaps. It must be underlined that cross-border planning characteristics is relevant and transboundary aspects are therefore included in the report: only few examples of cross-border projects have been developed in the Mediterranean.

Consideration is given to the data and knowledge gaps for MSP, and where future data-gathering efforts might be focused, feeding through to sub-component C1.2.2.

The report is available: download (PDF)


Summary of information on the marine and maritime aspects relevant for MSP in the Western Mediterranean, particularly cross-border issues, starting from existing work of relevance to MSP. A focus is the PELAGOS area and the Barcelona Convention ICM Protocol implementation. The report has been prepared in collaboration with the coordinator of the Eastern Mediterranean  project in order to have a more complete picture of the situation in the Mediterranean.