The platform should be connected with EC Implementation Support Strategy Committees and initiatives (MSEG, Assistance Mechanism…) and key R&I initiatives (e.g. BLUEMED) and should be coherent with Barcelona Convention Protocols and initiatives.

The Regional Platform is intended as a supporting service that will establish mechanisms for knowledge co-production (through brokerage, twinning, exchange of best practices, knowledge, tools, experiences …) and capacity building at basin scale.

It will be a useful tool to network and exchange best practices in establishing proper mechanisms to involve key stakeholders on transnational MSP issues, and identifying suitable enforceability paths for MSP in transboundary areas.

Output: Analysis of transboundary cooperation between MSs with respect to MSP. A cooperation with the partnership of MED East Project (SUPREME)An analysis of transboundary cooperation between MSs for transboundary cooperation with respect to MSP. A cooperation with the partnership of MED EAST project (SUPREME)


The whole project, its structure and its activities concurr to develop a framework where to identify and encourage transboundary cooperation between Member States and to connect with existing mechanisms for transboundary cooperation in the Western Mediterranean Area.

In particular Member States cooperation is facilitated by meetings involving Member States representatives for the definition and sharing of common MSP approaches.

In practice, the cooperation of Member States representatives and their marine field operators with the Member States of the Sea Basin is encouraged by the transboundary Case Studies and by the studies which concern the whole Project area and therefore are based on information, experiences and practices sharing and develop common conclusions.

Main transboundary mechanism of the Western Mediteranean area:


Barcelona Convention

EC Implementation Support Strategy Committees and initiatives

EU MSP Platform

EU Member States Expert Group on MSP

Member States

France :

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